Rooting Android vs Jailbreaking iPhone: Which One is Better?

Rajesh Pandey, iPhoneHacks, 5/30/17 For advanced iPhone users, the best way to customise their handset is to jailbreak it which opens the door to a world of tweaks and hacks. While latest iOS releases are now not getting jailbreak’d as frequently as before, it still remains a popular choice among power users who cannot use […]

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Researcher Creates Malware to Captures Every Tap on Your Smartphone or Tablet

David Gilbert, International Business Times, 2/3/14 While some believe that voice is the future for computer interfaces, for the moment and the foreseeable future touch will be the way most people interact with their computing devices, be it smartphones, tablets and – increasing – touchscreen laptops and PCs. This trend led one researcher to wonder […]

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Got a mobile phone? Then you’ve got a Trojan problem too

Simon Rockman, The Register, 10/18/13 Something wonderful has happened: phones have got smart, but the bad news is they may open the door to those you don’t want to let in. Time was when getting software to run properly on your mobile phone was such a challenge that it was nigh on impossible for bad […]

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FCC offers security advice to smartphone users

Lucian Constantin, ComputerWorld, 12/21/2012 FCC publishes 10-step plan for securing mobile devices and their data The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is advising smartphone users on how to protect their mobile devices and data from mobile security threats. The Commission released an online tool called the “Smartphone Security Checker” on Tuesday that outlines a 10-step action […]

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Apple quietly drops iOS jailbreak detection API

John Cox, Network World, 12/10/2010 Version 4.2 disables a query to discover compromised OS Apple has disabled, without explanation, a jailbreak detection API in iOS less than six months after introducing it. Device management vendors say the reasons for the decision are a mystery, but insist they can use alternatives to discover if an iPhone, […]

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Apple applies for patent to kill jailbroken devices

Steven Musi, CNET News, 8/22/2010 Apple is apparently ramping up its battle to prevent iPhone and iPod owners from jailbreaking their devices. The company has applied for a patent, titled “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device,” that covers a series of security measures to automatically protect devices from thieves and […]

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Cracking software retrieves iPhone 4 passwords: No jailbreaking necessary

Dan Goodin, The Register, 8/5/2010 A Russian password-cracking company has released software it says can recover passwords stored on Apple’s latest iPhone without modifying the device or any of the data stored on it. ElcomSoft of Moscow says the latest version of its iPhone Password Breaker will recover the encrypted keychains that the iPhone 4 […]

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DMCA Ruling Allows iPhone Jailbreaks

Andy Patrizio,, 7/29/2010 The Library of Congress has ruled that modifying smartphones without the device maker’s permission, legitimizing the activities of one segment of the digital underground. Apple has kept a tight grip on the iPhone since its release, repeatedly defending its rules regarding the apps users can run and the ban on modifications […]

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New research reveals troubling security issues for iPhones

Chris Foresman, ArsTechnica, 5/28/2010 Though Apple has added additional data security features to the iPhone with every iteration of the OS—including encrypting files on-device for the iPhone 3GS—vulnerabilities still exist. These issues are of particular concern to enterprise users, since sensitive corporate data may exist on any given employee’s mobile device. A new vulnerability revealed […]

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AT&T iPhone Users to Finally Get 3G Tethering with 4.0 OS Update

Brandon Hill, DailyTech, 5/19/2010 “Official” tethering comes at last for iPhone users Well, it only took a year. A little over a year ago, Apple announced iPhone OS 3.0 and along with it came support for 3G internet tethering. The only problem was that while many wireless carriers around the world offered the tethering option […]

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