Flash Support coming soon to Firefox’s Android version

, 10/24/2011

It seems that the Firefox for mobile project is in full swing. With tablet support already underway, Firefox’s Android version will soon be getting a bunch of exciting new features. Planned for Firefox 10 are features like Flash Support, camera UI and safe browsing which will put the open source browser at par with competitors like Dolphin and Opera. Here’s a look at the features in a little more detail.

While Flash support isn’t the most exciting feature around, it is still an important prerequisite for Firefox to compete with Android’s default browser. Many pages on the web still use Flash and not being able to view them on Firefox might cost it a lot of users. If you have Flash player installed on your Android device, Firefox will use it as a plugin, thus getting rid of those empty boxes you currently see. If all goes well, expect to see this feature in Firefox 10 which hits Aurora on November 8, 2011.

Also in the pipeline is a feature called Camera UI, which will give Firefox the ability to take a picture from the phone’s camera and use it in a web application. This is especially useful for taking pictures and uploading them to sites like Facebook, right from the browser. Even though it is not a major feature, Camera UI will definitely integrate Firefox more tightly with the rest of the system. Camera UI has already landed in Aurora Channel and will be going into beta from November 8, 2011, so, users can expect to find this feature in Firefox 9.

The third and the most important feature that is currently under progress is safe browsing. Expected to land in Firefox 10, safe browsing is a set of server-side features that check a URL against a list of blacklisted URLs in order to keep the user safe. This will give Firefox the edge over other browsers when it comes to security. Overall, the list of features is quite impressive, but Firefox still has a lot of catching up to do before it takes on other heavyweights like Dolphin, Opera and of course the default browser.

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