Verizon’s Innovation Center opens its doors to LTE product development

, Engadget, 7/14/2011

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s an LTE race going on and VZW’s wasting no time sprinting to the lead. Despite rival AT&T’s February launch of a similar R&D space in Texas, Verizon’s cutting its first big red bow on the two years in the making Innovation Center. Located just outside Boston, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based labs began churning out LTE-friendly products in October of 2009, developing 30+ products to date. While most of these may never ride along the borderline blazing speeds of real-world LTE, the environment does give small startups a leg-up in a collaborative, deep-pocketed space (insert emphasis here). The research center also does double duty for the operator’s bottom line, offering its Verizon Ventures group first dibs on investment opportunities — like it did with Nomad Innovation’s LiveEdge TV product. Construction on a second mobile applications-focused facility is already underway in San Francisco with its very own opening ceremony slated for late summer. We’re glad to see Verizon spreading the bills to spur tech forward, but there’s one major thing the carrier forgot — an emergency room wing for all its crapware-bloated products. Official PR after the break.

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